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Our Work

To see our sustainability programs in action and learn more about some of our projects, read on.

The B&B Highway - Bed & Breakfasts & Biodiversity for birds, bees and butterflies threatened by habitat loss. PlantingSeeds’ goal is to regenerate passageways or native vegetative corridors in urban areas for pollinators. We aim to link ‘B & B’s’ or ‘pollen booths’ for pollinators’ rest and revival which is vital for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainability, whilst fostering education and engagement.

With over 155 locations throughout NSW, Victoria and Queensland, a wide range of pollinating plants, nesting boxes, insect hotels and native beehives are supported through this sustainability program.

This program has been supported by Sustainable Schools Grants, the NSW Government Generations Fund and Community Building Partnership and other various state, federal and local funding sources. The importance of the B&B Highway as a vehicle to foster education and engagement with biodiversity has been recognised with the NSW Department of Education now developing curriculum for state schools.

Alongside the B&B Highway, PlantingSeeds is developing a citizen science app called Pollinator P.I. (Private Investigator) to generate important biodiversity data.