Kids involved in school garden


Our innovative four-session education and practical programme includes:

Biodiversity (local and broader), native pollinators and pollination.

Data collection and citizen science.

Pollinators and Plants: Planting pollinator habitat with native, endemic species.

Constructing and providing pollinator habitat i.e. stingless beehives, insect hotels and nesting boxes.

Our program has clear links to curriculum and hands-on student workshops for pre, primary and high schools. Our complete package offers access to education(al) and horticulture experts, pollinator habitat, a licensed resource package, signage and our ongoing support.

Support from the NSW Department of Education on biodiversity resources for national use and our citizen science program supported by the CSIRO’s Atlas of Living Australia.

Sessions can be delivered as four separate weekly/fortnightly sessions (also available virtually), two half-day sessions or a full-day incursion.

Further stand-alone sessions are also available on various topics both in-person and virtually.

Citizen science incorporating data collection and pollinator and plant identifications, is also a key part of the B&B Highway initiative integrating across the STEM curriculum around the country. 

By joining the B&B Highway on iNaturalist and the CSIRO’s Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), your school can make valuable contributions to citizen science and biodiversity.

Read through our FAQ’s and articles for even more wonderful facts about pollinators and what we do!